I am losing my teeth/
I have dentures - What are my options?

Dr Adrian explains the four main topics that prevent so many people from overcoming their dental burden, in this informative and interactive event.


Tue 18 Aug 6pm at ADA West Perth


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What is All-on-4?

The term All-on-4 Advanced refers to a treatment where a full arch of 12 teeth (upper jaw, lower jaw or both) is secured into the mouth by the foundation of four implants. The angulations and positions of these implants are carefully pre-planned to ensure correct placement and even support throughout the four implants. The angle of the back implants provides the strength required for this full mouth rehabilitation.

Compared to older methods which used far more implants to achieve a similar outcome, All-on-4 is far less invasive, therefore carries less risk and a much higher success rate. Due to the simplicity of the final structure, it is much easier to maintain and clean.

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